Juan R. González

Group Leader Bioinformatic Research Group in Genetic Epidemiology (BRGE) at ISGlobal

  • Adjunct Professor Department of Mathematics, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Alejandro Caceres


  • Studies: Physics (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), PhD in Physics (Cambridge University).
  • Work-field: Genetic structural variants, development and implementation of data analysis methods.
  • Topic: Polymorphic inversions and association genetic studies.

Carles Hernandez-Ferrer

Pre Doctoral Researcher

  • Studies: BSc Computer Science (UAB), MSc Bioinformatics (UAB), PhD Biomedicine (UPF – Current).
  • Work-field: Bioinformatics, software development, genetics, environmental epidemiology.
  • Topic: Software development for data extraction, data analysis and data integration in genetic-environmental epidemiology.

Marcos Lopez-Sanchez

Pre Doctoral Researcher

  • Studies: BSc Biotechnology (UVic), MSc Bioinformatics (UAB), PhD Biomedicine (UPF – current).
  • Work-field: Bioinformatics, genetics, data processing.
  • Topic: Structural variants analysis for neurocognitive diseases association studies.

Natalia Vilor

Pre Doctoral Researcher

  • Studies: BCs Mathematics – BCs Applied Statistics (UAB), MSc in Omics data Analysis (UVic), PhD Biomedicine (UPF – Current)
  • Work-field: Statistical Modelling, Genomics, Neuroimaging
  • Topic:

Carlos Ruiz-Arenas

Pre Doctoral Researcher

  • Studies: BCs Biochemistry (UAB), MSc in Bioinformatics (UPF), PhD Biomedicine (UPF – Current)
  • Work-field:
  • Topic:

Dietmar Fernández-Orth

Bioinformatic Technician

  • Studies: Biology (UPV/EHU), MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (UCM), PhD Biology (UPV/EHU-Progenika Biopharma)
  • Work-field: Bioinformatics, Genetics, GWAS, NGS
  • Topic: Analysis of NGS, GWAS and protein data.

External collaborators

Isaac Subirana Cachinero

Post Doctoral Researcher at IMIM

  • Studies: BSc in Statistics (UPC), PhD in Statistics (UB).
  • Work-field: Genetics, Biostatistics.
  • Topics: Statistical tools development for genetic association analysis with uncertainty variables (inputed CNVs and SNPs).

Marta Vives

Pre Doctoral Researcher at CRG

  • Studies: BSc in Biotechnology (URV).
  • Work-field: Genetics.
  • Topics: Epidemiological studies of effects in pre and post natal smoking exposures.


  • Aina Jané
  • Alba Beltran
  • Alba Serrano
  • Harry Odell