The *Comparative Toxicogenomics Database* is a public resource for toxicogenomic information manually curated from the peer-reviewed scientific literature about chemicals, gene and health outcomes interactions. It includes more than 30.5 million toxicogenomic connections. The `CTDquerier` package allows to retrieve CTD data into R environment to be used in CRNA or Bioconductor downstream analysis.

The package can be bound at **GitHub**:

* **GitHub**: [`CTDquerier`](https://github.com/isglobal-brge/CTDquerier)

We have submitted an article about `CTDquerier` (sent: July 4th, 201):

> **Carles Hernandez-Ferrer, Juan R. Gonzalez; CTDquerier: a tool for enrichment analysis in genetic and toxicological studies using CTD; Bioinformatics*