This package is created for combining several different sources of information (including different omic data-sets) into a single convenient structure. A `MultiDataSet` object can be manipulated (e.g., subsetted, copied, ...) conveniently, and can be the input or output from some Bioconductor packages designed to integrate multi-omic data. This is a joint work with Carlos Ruiz-Arenas (ISGlobal) and Carles Hernandez-Ferrer (ISGlobal). The package can be bound at **Bioconductor** and **GitHub**: * **Bioconductor**: [`MultiDataSet`]( * **GitHub**: [`MultiDataSet`]( We published an article about its implementation (January 17th, 2017): > Carles Hernandez-Ferrer, ... Juan R. González; MultiDataSet: an R package for encapsulating multiple data sets with application to omic data integration. BMC Bioinformatics;
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