rexposome is an R package for exposome characterization and exposome-outcome test association. It was developed by Carles Hernandez-Ferrer as part of its PhD project and used in the analysis performed in HELIX Project. It depends in a series of third party R packages to provide: A basic pipeline for missing-data imputation in exposome, include the imputation of values under limit of detection. A series of functions to describe and characterize the exposome, including PCA in exposures and samples space, correlation between exposures and clustering of samples through exposure levels. Two different approaches to test the association exposome-diseasom in terms of Exposome-Wide Association Studies (ExWAS and mExWAS). The package can be found at GitHub and at Bioconductor: GitHub: rexposome Bioconductor: rexposome We are writing an article about the exposome pipeline analysis,…
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